Love in its purest form. 


Sacred Ancient Medicine for

Body, Mind, and Spirit



LIGHT TRANSMISSIONS transmit the living powers of light and water, the most powerful forces on Earth. They are alive with Love, the Master Power of All. 


We are light bodies and water bodies made of light filled water. Rays of sunlight penetrate and ride the waves of our waters circulating throughout our bodies. We dance the rhythm of sunlight and water. 


Sunlight bathes our inner oceans of water, clearing and cleansing, harmonizing and balancing. It sings the body electric, alive, whole, invigorated. As we receive light and our energy flows with higher and higher vibration, we open the flow of our own inner light and become increasingly crystalline. We become mini suns dancing the rhythm of ourselves, creating the flow of all we need.   


Light’s electromagnetic waves ripple in subtle yet powerful pulses into the heart center and outward through the sphere of our physical and aural bodies. This is the pulse of Love. Our light emanates vibes of healing love, touching all in our path, spreading the light. Light creates more light with its high energy, creating good, good, good, good vibrations.



The sun’s energy intensifies on Earth now. Its stronger rays create more and more light, raising Earth’s frequency of vibration. The crystalline become more clear to our vision as intensifying rays purify our air and raise our vibrations.


Earth’s water rises to the sunlight, creating harmony and balance as its female fluidity unites with the sun’s masculine directness. Water, a liquid crystal, holds, illuminates, and transmits the sun’s crystalline light energy. 


As light energy increases, the darkness rises, threatened, angry, striking. The light will outshine, and the darkness will retreat, become nothing. All life then, will be structured by a crystalline master sphere with the sun’s golden light at center in the shape of a diamond and four dominant white rays extending in the four directions creating balance and harmony throughout the world. 


This day nears. Let’s bring in the light.





About Diane Buccheri

About Diane BuccheriI am a seer and listener, a writer of light, catcher of wind and waves . . .



My photos are gifts from the natural and spiritual realms. They are messages and stories delivered in the crystalline, a deliverance of love. This is what love looks like.


Each image is infinitely alive with Spirit dancing the drumbeat of Love. Spirit guides me to photograph — the spirit of place or the spirit of the sun or of water or of dolphins, birds, wind, spirits of the ethereal and angels. These moments become images for me to see and for me to share with the world. We are not alone. We too are Spirit, multi-dimensional, crystalline, and infinite. Thus, we are forever alive — alive in the light of everlasting breath, the breath of crystalline light, like our breath upon cold air.

With everything, everywhere in nature there is breath, every moment. With each breath, spirit inhales, exhales, alive in the crystalline — held and transmitted — the light within that breathes the soul of essence. Each breath bridges the material world and the spiritual world, creating the rainbow bridge of life, alive with the intelligence of Light dancing in patterns of perfect geometry. This rainbow bridge of light is not an arc with a beginning and an end, it is a circle, The Circle of Life known as The Wheel of Life in our ancestry. The circle of life lives in everything like drops of water alive in the ocean, giving everything from the tiniest particle of life to the cosmos spherical shape vibrating waves of infinite Love.


All dancing with sunlight photos are untouched, here seen the way they were at the moment given to me. I shoot simply with no special lenses or effects.


Where the spirit is willing, the eyes will see and the heart will receive.